Important Update: Largest funding increase in recent history to reduce iBudget Waiver waiting list.

Lawmakers have agreed to spend an additional $95 million a year to provide more people with intellectual and developmental disabilities access to services they need to live in their communities and out of institutions.

“We are very excited about (the $95 million). It will certainly help with getting a larger number of individuals off the waitlist than what we originally anticipated,” said Florida Developmental Disabilities Council Executive Director Valerie Breen.

Read more about this funding and its impacts here.

The iBudget Waiver is critical for the survival of thousands of Floridians.

In 2019, we worked to save the iBudget Waiver by creating and facilitating a legislative advocacy campaign. Due to our efforts, and with the help of various strategic partners, the Florida Legislature spared waiver services from any cuts. While we are thankful for the decisions made during the last legislative session, we know this year has been very uncertain for our state.

This year, we are asking Florida to preserve the iBudget Waiver, meaning no cuts or reductions to current services and funding.

How You Can Help Preserve The iBudget Waiver

The iBudget Waiver is a health insurance program that serves nearly 35,000 individuals living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It is funded by federal and state dollars through Medicaid – the only public health insurance program available to people with disabilities.

The iBudget Waiver provides critical long-term services that are not available through standard Medicaid managed care providers or private health insurance companies.

The iBudget Waiver helps people get the care and support needed to live and work in their own homes and communities. It is the only program that prevents a person from having to live in an institution to get the care they need.

Our Legislature must understand the iBudget Waiver’s critical importance in people’s lives.

Be informed. Be vocal. Be present. Use our resources. Share this campaign with others.

Voices of Those Who Will Be Impacted by Changes to the iBudget Waiver