Don’t leave Federal funds for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities on the table.

The latest COVID relief bill passed by Congress provides a 10 percentage point increase to Federal matching funds in Medicaid exclusively for Home and Community Based Services. In the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, this could generate as much as $450 million which can only be spent on enhancing Home and Community Based Services.

We are urging the Florida Legislature to not leave these dollars on the table. The COVID pandemic has decimated the service delivery system and we are struggling to maintain a workforce, purchase personal protective equipment, and maintain operations in the aftermath of government-mandated program closures and reductions in operating capacity. These are one-time dollars, but can still go a long way to help the service delivery system regain its footing and maintain stability until we return to normal.

Urge your Legislator to take advantage of the additional home and community-based Federal funding available to serve individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities by including them in the state budget and directing their use for program enhancements.

Read our latest Capitol Update for more information on this issue as well as details on specific bills.

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